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Can You Shower After Waxing?

It's important to wait at least a few hours following your appointment before showering. To be safe, we recommend waiting at least 12 to 24 hours for your skin to...

When it comes to practicing proper waxing aftercare it’s easy to get hung up on what the appropriate time frame is for a nice shower with freshly waxed skin. How long should someone wait until a shower is acceptable?

When showering, should you be using hot water, lukewarm water, or cool water? Is the use of a scented body wash acceptable? All of these questions are important for practicing proper post-wax care!

Steps to take after waxing

Participating in a wax session is only half the battle in achieving smooth, hair free skin. In addition to the process of waxing hair, effective results rely on how you care for your skin following your waxing appointment.

Use post-wax friendly products

One of the biggest threats to your skin following your wax is the products you use. Harsh products like body scrubs and heavily perfumed soaps can end up damaging and drying out your skin causing more problems in the long run. Be sure to discuss what products are post-wax friendly and offer healthy, hydrated clean skin. 

Avoid any strenuous activity

Lifting, running, working out and other physical activities should be avoided following a wax session. Not only can the skin be sensitive following each appointment, sweating during strenuous activities can invite dirt and bacteria to settle into pores that have been left open as a result of the waxing process. For best results, you’re going to want to keep the area clean and free of sweat. 

Do not wear any tight fitting clothes

Nothing says angry and irritated skin like wearing tight clothes within a day or two after your wax appointment. When trying to protect your skin, a good idea is to keep loose fitting, breathable, clothing made from natural fabrics in rotation for at least three days following your appointment. 

Why showering isn’t recommended immediately after a wax

Although you may want to feel clean or maintain your bathing routine following your waxing session, the truth is that showering is not ideal for your skin immediately after your hair removal appointment. While our goal is to keep the freshly waxed area clean, it's strongly suggested that all clients avoid using both their bath and shower until at least 24 hours transpires.

Showering can cause irritation afterwards

Why avoid showers? Especially for those with sensitive skin, showering with hot and warm water can damage your freshly waxed skin. It may be difficult to tell at what temperature your skin is affected because it’s more sensitive than normal. This can lead to a longer aftercare process, and lengthened irritation.

Most shower products are not good for skin after a waxing session

Hot showers and scented products can cause the already opened hair follicles to remain open and susceptible to irritation from a number of factors hiding in your shower. Primarily, scented soaps and harsh cleansers can seep into those open pores and damage or irritate your healing skin. 

Tips regarding showering after a wax

Hoping to shower as soon as possible? Here are our best showering tips to ensure that your skin is protected and your wax turns out stunning.

Wait a while before taking a shower

It truly is important to wait at least a few hours following your appointment before attempting to shower. To be safe, we recommend waiting at least 12 hours for your skin to sufficiently calm down. For those who can afford to wait, 24 hours is our recommended timeframe for optimal results.

Pat down the skin to dry yourself off

outdoor showerWhen you do eventually wind up showering, be sure to carefully pat your skin dry instead of rubbing a towel over the newly waxed area. Even the gentle effects of hard was can leave your sensitive skin susceptible to the friction that comes with rubbing yourself down with a towel. If available, try to use a fresh, clean towel straight from the laundry to pat yourself dry.

Follow aftercare instructions from your esthetician

Lastly, our best advice is to simply have a conversation with your esthetician. Chances are that your wax technician will know and understand your specific skin type based on their waxing experience with you. Using that information, a custom aftercare plan can be mapped out and provided to you so that your skin is provided its best chance at being smooth and hair free for longer.

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