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Waxing Aftercare Tips For Healthy, Irritation-Free Skin

Waxing aftercare plays a huge role in preventing ingrown hairs and reducing skin irritation. Follow these tips to ensure you get the best results from a wax!

That soft, smooth feeling you get after a wax is nothing short of refreshing. I don't know about you, but I love the feeling of confidence that comes with knowing my skin looks soft and smooth – your clients should too! As professionals, it’s our job to educate our clients in a way that allows them to keep their soft, smooth skin for the weeks to come.

Why waxing aftercare is important

Our first stop in education is explaining why something is important. When you simply tell someone what to do after their waxing session, it doesn’t foster motivation to follow through. If you’re not sure where to start, let’s inform them of these two important benefits of following waxing aftercare.

Aftercare helps prevent bacteria and ingrown hairs

We all know those pesky red bumps that you get from shaving, but many clients new to waxing may not be aware that introduction to bacteria and excessive friction can result in ingrown hairs and increase the likelihood of infections. When we explain how important a role aftercare plays in preventing ingrown hairs, they’re more likely to follow your tips!

Prevent skin irritation by following wax aftercare routines

Even if friction won't result in ingrown hairs for a particular person, it can still be highly irritating to the skin. If the skin is not properly cared for, your client can leave feeling itchy and bothered. Help your clients prevent unnecessary discomfort by outlining a helpful aftercare plan.

What to do for effective waxing aftercare

Now that we have a basic understanding of why these steps are important, let’s go over how to advise our clients to make the choices that are best for them and their skin.

Keep the skin exfoliated the day after your appointment

Within the first day or two following your waxing appointment, make sure to go over the importance of gently exfoliating. Using a gentle exfoliant will ensure that your client's regrowth is not only clear of the buildup of dead skin and dry skin, but it also clears an easy pathway for the new hair follicles to breach the surface when ready. 

Wear clothing that is comfortable and loose fitting

Another frequent mistake is clients arriving to their appointment in clothes that will not allow their newly waxed areas to breathe. This rule is especially important following Brazilian or bikini waxing appointments. This freshly waxed area can be tender and need a few hours to calm down in order to avoid ingrown hairs and irritation.

Make sure the area is kept clean and sanitized 

As professionals, it’s easy to forget that the everyday person may not hold the same standard of cleanliness that we do. Always be sure to reinforce the importance of always washing your hands and staying away from public areas where exposure to germs could be detrimental. Recommend tea tree oil for those clients without sensitive skin. 

What to avoid with waxing aftercare

Good habits are always good to form, but let’s also cover what our clients should be avoiding. There’s a short list of no-no’s that can make or break a waxing appointment

Never shave in between appointments

To most of your new clients, this may come off as a made up rule to prevent them from saving money between waxing sessions. Remember: education is key! Explaining how shaving actually reverses any progress made can be an eye opening view into the world of waxing. 

Take it easy on activities that make you sweat

As we all know, participating in activities such as hot baths, sun beds, and steam rooms can be a big no no following a waxing appointment. Freshly waxed skin can become highly irritated and result in breakouts and ingrown hairs if constantly exposed to conditions that make the body sweat. Let’s encourage our clients to avoid heat and strenuous activities while their skin relaxes. 

Don’t use any skin products that are not recommended by your esthetician 

Sensitive skin and certain products just don’t mix post wax. Make sure to have a comprehensive knowledge of these products and educate your clients on how to best care for their skin. Perfumed and scented products clog pores, cause irritation, and can result in ingrown hairs.

Don’t swim in open water

Pools, the ocean, and hot tubs are practically forbidden for at least two days. Walking customers through the importance of knowing to avoid swimming and the dangers of bacteria the water may hold can save them from a truly uncomfortable experience. 

Avoid direct sun to freshly waxed areas of the body

Bikini wax, leg, wax, face wax, whatever it may be, always discuss the dangers of sun exposure. UV rays pose a greater threat to skin after waxing – do not be the reason your client gets badly burned due to lack of education. 

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