Innovation meets aesthetics.

We set out to make you the most beautiful wax warmer, but decided to change the industry while we're at it.


The Enso Duo leaves your hands free to do more. With our first-of-its-kind, patent-pending self-stirring technology, you'll have perfectly textured and temped wax when you need it.


The Enso Duo is the only wax warmer harnessing the natural antimicrobial and heat conductivity properties of copper, providing more efficient heating and cleanliness.

Thoughtfully Designed

The Enso Duo was designed for aesthetics and functionality. From concave handles to lid covers and more, we've used our decades of esthetics experience to design a better wax warmer.

Look ma, no hands.

The Enso Duo: The Self-Stirring Wax Warmer

The Enso Duo is a first of its kind warmer that will save you time, energy, and help you make more.

Simply put: The esthetics industry has never seen this level of innovation. The Enso Duo sets a new standard for functionality, control, cleanliness, and aesthetics.

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Self Stirring Wax Warmer Hard & Soft Wax | The Enso Duo

The power of copper

Superior Heat Control + Antimicrobial Qualities

Aesthetics aside, copper has been prized throughout the ages for its incredible heat control properties making it the gold standard among chocolatiers, distillers, and countless industries that rely on precise and efficient heat.

It's high time we bring this incredible element to the esthetics world.

Thoughtfully Designed

Your Enso Duo Features

1. Copper Wax Vessel
2. Low Profile Lid Holder
3. Lid
4. Wax Stick Slots
5. Concave Handles
6. Precision Temp Controls
7. Rotation ON/OFF
8. Enso Flow Wax Sticks

Two Colors To Suit Your Space

Can't decide your favorite? Neither could we. Pre-order now.





A 10 year waxing veteran, Kirsten Goetzelman is the creator behind The Waxing Podcast and The Waxing Guide.

In late 2021, she set out to innovate in an industry that has been using the same tools for decades.

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the enso duo
the enso duo
the enso duo



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