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The Complete Brazilian Wax Guide

Whether you're a licensed veteran, or fresh out of school, there’s ways to combat any uneasy feelings so that you’re ready to tackle unwanted body hair face-first!

Have you ever taken the time to get a brazilian or bikini wax? If you have, I’m sure you understand that applying wax and removing wax in the most intimate areas a person has is practically an art form that takes a level of precise skill and technique. Whether you're a licensed veteran, or fresh out of school, there’s ways to combat any uneasy feelings so that you’re ready to tackle unwanted body hair face-first!

What is a Brazilian Wax?

The process of getting a Brazilian wax includes removing all hair surrounding the pubic area, to even include the pesky hairs between the cheeks.

What do the results look like?

Most professionals will know that a true brazilian wax may include a “landing strip” or some other small amount of body hair left on the pubic bone area. For the most part, wax technicians should be able to gauge your intent and discuss your expectations when a brazilian wax is performed.

How is Brazilian wax different from other waxing forms?

When compared to other waxing services, a Brazilian wax is truly no different from a technical standpoint. Both wax technician and client will be able to compare the experience to other waxing forms and see a strong similarity. Where Brazilian wax differs from other methods is that removing the hair can be a little bit more personal than the client is used to.

What are the benefits of a Brazilian wax?

Regardless of what option clients choose to move forward with, a Brazilian wax has a number of benefits that are sure to make the process worth any discomfort.

Ingrown hairs are less prevalent 

To start, it is important to explain to your clients that the Brazilian wax offers far less of those ingrown hairs when compared to hair removal alternatives such as shaving. Of course, skin type and hair type can play a role in the frequency of ingrown hairs. As long as proper aftercare is followed, the probability of ingrown hairs are significantly reduced.

For the most part, when the hair is removed directly from the root of the hair follicle, the likelihood of having regrowth get trapped under dead skin is significantly reduced. If your client has naturally curly or coarse hair, this may be a game changer for them.

Your hair will grow back much slower with a Brazilian wax

One of our favorite facts included in the list of brazilian wax tips and tricks is that any new hair growth is actually slowed down when waxing is used to remove the hair. Over time and after repeated sessions, your clients will be thrilled to discover that their body hair regrows at a much slower rate than before. 

A Brazilian wax removes dead skin cells in hard to reach places

Professionals know the importance of a good skincare routine. Unfortunately, sometimes taking good care of your skin isn't very easy in some areas. Skincare between the legs and around the pubic area can sometimes be neglected, that’s where a Brazilian wax comes in! This waxing session with soft wax can be seen as a 2-for-1 as your skin is both waxed and exfoliated at the same time

How do you prepare for a Brazilian waxing appointment?

Set yourself and your clients up for success by giving them the proper information to prepare for their wax. Not only will this make things easier and more comfortable for everyone involved, it ensures the best possible results following their Brazilian wax.

What to do 24 hours before your appointment

In the 24 hours prior to the appointment, clients should avoid using harsh products or medicated treatments in the area(s) being waxed. Additionally, it is important to avoid extended amounts of sun exposure for the integrity of the skin and another 24 hours before is to exfoliate the skin manually to remove any dead skin for a better removal.

Make sure your hair is a quarter of an inch long

One of the most important things for clients to remember prior to showing up for their appointment is that their hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long in order to wax effectively. If longer hair is present, make sure it doesn't exceed half an inch. 

If necessary, take some sort of pain reliever

For those with sensitive skin, reminding them that a mild pain reliever such as ibuprofen can help in alleviating some of the discomfort associated with getting a Brazilian wax. Clients can take one pill as wax melts in the wax warmer.

Enso is here to help your Brazilian wax experience be as great as possible!

For the best advice and catered guidance on hot wax and everything waxing, including the art of Brazilian waxing, you can always depend on Enso to get your there! Advance your skill set and reinforce your knowledge with our library of helpful topics.

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