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What’s a Men's Brazilian Wax Include?

Men who receive a Brazilian waxing treatment love the smooth, hair-free skin left behind. As hair removal becomes normalized, more and more estheticians have started offering this popular hair removal...

Usually, when we think of Brazilian waxing treatments, female-bodied individuals are the focus. But more and more estheticians have started offering this popular hair removal option for male-bodied people.

Men who want to remove unwanted body hair have traditionally been ignored in popular culture. Sure, there are videos of males having their first sessions, but they’re mostly played for comedic effect.

Manscaping traditionally involves razors and creams, but waxing is a more effective and longer-lasting solution. If removing pubic hair is your choice for your body, a Brazilian or Manzilian wax might be for you.

Why should men receive a Brazilian wax?

Men who receive a Brazilian waxing treatment love the smooth, hair-free skin left behind. More than just for looks, some benefits may surprise you. We’re headed down under to explore why you should consider this as more than just an aesthetic choice.

Aftercare is easy to manage 

Shaving and trimming can leave razor bumps and ingrown hairs behind, and depilatory creams are messy and can burn sensitive skin. Most men will tell you that all of the skin below the belt is sensitive, and these methods leave something to be desired. Waxing is quick, and aftercare is relatively easy to manage.

Post-wax, your esthetician will give you some guidelines to follow for the best results. Immediately following your treatment, you’ll want to be gentle with the area. Avoid sun exposure and touching the skin because it'll be more susceptible than usual. However, once the first 24 to 48 hours have passed, all you’ve got to do is exfoliate two to three times a week. 

If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, use a serum to prevent them and keep your skin hydrated. 

The benefits are undeniable

Without hair, your skin can breathe better, and you won’t have the same issues post-waxing you’re used to. Hair grows back slowly, so your skin isn’t the same rough texture you’d get after shaving. And keeping clean is easier without hair in the way of washing and exfoliating.

Beyond that, waxing removes dead skin cells and other debris that can clog your pores. You’ll have healthier skin and tighter pores down under, something everyone can appreciate. For smoother, healthier skin, the only choice is a male Brazilian.

Waxing is a better hair removal method than any other method

While your razor or creams might get the job done, they aren’t without risks. Nicks and razor burn down there are incredibly uncomfortable, and you can irritate the area further by scratching. Worse, hair grows back in a few days, and you’re back in the same boat again. 

Waxing removes hair from below the surface of the skin. Because hair grows in three stages, you’ll likely experience some hair growth sooner than expected after your first session. But after three or four, you’ll see significant improvement. 

Hair grows back thinner and softer. Eventually, you can stretch your sessions to four to six weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Plus, the benefits of smoother, healthier skin don’t come with other methods.

What can you expect during a men’s Brazilian wax?

Toss out your razors and trimmers. It’s time to head into the spa for a male Brazilian waxing session. Before you go, make sure that your salon will work on male anatomy. Many will, but some only work on female genitalia. 

Once you’ve confirmed, get ready for your session!

Expect some discomfort since it is a sensitive area

As with any waxing treatment, you’ll experience some discomfort. After all, hairs are pulled from the root. Also, the skin in your groin area is more sensitive than other places you’ve waxed. Depending on your pain tolerance, you may want to pre-game with some Ibuprofen to keep things under control. 

Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the days leading up to your session to help keep things comfortable. Both of these substances can make your skin more sensitive and increase blood flow to the surface. 

Before you go in, your pubic hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long for waxing to work. Longer hair isn’t a problem, and your esthetician will clean up what they need to before getting down to it. 

If you exfoliate, it will be an easier process

Washing yourself with body wash and using a mitt to exfoliate 24 hours in advance can help with the pain. Removing some dead skin cells beforehand allows the wax to adhere to the hairs better.

Don’t be afraid to keep the conversation with your esthetician open

Your esthetician is about to be up close and personal with your bits, so make sure to keep communication open. Before you book, check to see what kind of wax they use. Soft wax is often more painful and can cause some issues with sensitive skin. Hard wax is usually preferred since it’s less likely to stick to your skin. 

Discuss what you’d like removed and what you’d like to keep. Most of the time, they’ll start with the bikini line and move inward. You can have all the hairs from your pubic bone on down removed, including from the scrotum, undercarriage, and the butt. Many also offer full body waxing if going totally hair-free is your desire. Check your esthetician’s website for details.

It’s common for your technician to ask for your help keeping skin taut and moving things around for better access. Tight skin is much easier to wax, so if they prompt you, it’s good to oblige. 

The benefits of men receiving a Brazilian wax

As we mentioned, getting your body hair removed with waxing has more than just aesthetic benefits. Not only does it slow down hair growth, but it leaves you with cleaner, healthier skin. 

There are no razor bumps

If you’re used to shaving for manscaping purposes, razor bumps probably cause you discomfort. And, in between shaves, you’re prone to chafing from walking around from the stubble as hair grows back. But with waxing, razor bumps aren’t a concern, and as hair grows back, it’s softer and smoother than before. 

Ingrown hairs are less likely to happen with proper aftercare

Ingrown hairs are always uncomfortable. Depending on your skin type, you may already deal with them in other areas you shave. But around the groin, they’re especially unpleasant. As hairs grow from under the skin, they sometimes can’t make it through to the surface and begin growing back downward. 

With waxing, ingrowns are still possible, but you can stop them with the proper aftercare. Applying a serum to your skin post-waxing and exfoliating regularly between sessions can help. You can also use tea tree oil to help keep pores open and hair growing correctly. 

Large amounts of hair is removed all at once with waxing

As you’ve probably seen with chest waxing videos, this method removes a lot of hair all at once. Your waxing treatment will usually last less than 30 minutes, although it can be longer if you add on other services. A skilled esthetician moves quickly, which can help reduce the amount of pain you experience. 

Have concerns about waxing? Enso is here to ease your nerves!

Whether you’re heading in for a straightforward male bikini wax or getting the full monty, Enso answers all your questions. We know how important knowledge can be when trying a new esthetic treatment. 

The Manzilian Wax is just one way waxing can improve your quality of life and help you build confidence!

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