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Everything You Want To Know About Leg Waxing

Leg waxing is one of the easiest ways to achieve long-lasting, hair-free legs. You save a lot of time compared to shaving, and it's much cheaper than laser.

As professionals, it's our job to spread the love of everything waxing to our clients. Through our education, our knowledge, and our resources, we should be able to convey why waxing the various parts of our body can really make a difference when compared to hair removal methods such as shaving or laser hair removal. With that in mind, here at Enso, we’ve created a quick reference on everything you should know to help convey the importance of leg waxing to your clients.

Why wax your legs?

When we learn to shave, most of us start with our underarms and legs. For the years to come, we learn to adapt our lifestyle, clothing, and shaving consistency based on the amount of hair we have in those areas. For most of your clients this still may be very integrated into their daily habits – that’s why it’s our job as professionals to guide them through why waxing may be a better alternative than shaving.

Waxing is a longer-lasting alternative to shaving 

Largely, a great selling point for your clients is the long lasting results that waxing delivers over shaving. While shaving benefits may provide a more private and flexible experience for those who are used to the routine, waxing cuts down on the frequency in which people are spending their time removing hair.

The benefits of waxing your legs

In the event that the longevity of the results received from their waxing service isn't enough to convey the value of waxing, consider introducing these three additional benefits into the mix. Providing value to your clients will not only help them make an informed decision, but also help them feel good and confident!

Smooth, silky skin texture

The process of waxing technically serves two purposes: hair removal and exfoliation. When discussing how soft and hair free their legs will be, take the time to dive into the smoothing nature of waxing. Say goodbye to dead skin, razor bumps, and dry, flaky patches – waxing brings soft, supple, smooth skin.

Results from waxing last a lot longer than most hair removal methods

We already went over how waxing saves each person more time when compared to the repetitive process of leg shaving, but how does it stack up against other hair removal methods? When we break it down, removing body hair with products such as chemical creams, exfoliators, and electric razors all accomplish the same thing: removing hair at the surface of your skin. The reason waxing and plucking hair is so effective is because each strand is being removed directly from the hair root of each hair follicle. Simply removing the length of hair visible on the outside of the skin will leave each strand of hair to grow back quickly.

Leg waxing appointments are quick and easy!

Don't let your clients be fooled by the surface area of their legs when comparing them to other waxable parts of the body – waxing the legs can be extremely fast, simple, and easy regardless of if hard wax or soft wax is used. This process is straightforward and can be completed in as little as fifteen to twenty minutes before they’re off running their next errand or getting back to work.

Commonly asked questions about leg waxing

Education will always be the key to success. As professionals, it is our job to educate our clients and give them all the information they may need in order to make the choices that are best for them, their bodies, and their happiness. As such, let’s take some time to familiarize ourselves with some frequently asked questions that your clients may have.

How long does hair need to be for leg waxing?

Regardless of what waxing service your client is going to get, they need to be informed that if they want better results, they need to arrive at their appointment with at least a quarter inch of hair. Any shorter, and the wax won’t be able to properly adhere to hairs, causing breakage and poor results.

How often should you wax your legs?

The length of time between each waxing session is going to vary between each client. Take the time to inform them about growth cycles and how their hair length will determine when they will need to book their next waxing appointment for best results. On average, clients should book their appointments about 4 to 6 weeks apart.

For anything waxing, Enso is here to answer all your questions!

No matter the skin type, hair type, or waxing supply needs, Enso is here to guide you and your clients through the wonderful world of waxing. Our highly effective tips and tricks will have your customers leaving the daunting process of shaving legs and turning to you for all their leg hair removal needs.

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