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Wax ready when you are.
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Wax ready when you are.
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How to Get Wax Out of Hair

Although unlikely, there is a possibility that wax can adhere itself to the hair on your head, or hairs on parts of your body that you do not want to...

Although unlikely, there is a possibility that hot wax can unintentionally adhere itself to the hair on your head, or even the hairs on parts of your body that you do not want to remove. It’s important to know a few techniques of how to get wax out of your hair!


We’re here to ensure your hair can stand a chance and get you the help you need to avoid total disaster.

Immediate steps to take to get wax out of your hair

In the event that wax has found itself in your hair or somewhere else unwanted, simply follow these steps immediately to resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Do not panic and do anything drastic

No need to get the shears just yet! Before you think of taking action, take a few moments to gather your thoughts and collect whatever you can around the house that will help you limit the spilled wax to only one unwanted area. There is no race against the clock, and no help comes from a rash reaction. Your hair will be fine if the wax begins to harden. In fact, you want the wax to cool before making any attempts at removing it from your hair. 

Let the wax harden in your hair

Yes, that’s right! Let the wax cool and harden completely for simplified removal. When the wax is warm and still soft to the touch, it can spread further to more of your hair, your skin, or other surfaces.

Once hardened, go through your hair with a brush

In the event that only a small amount of wax has found itself misplaced within your hair, you may be able to brush it out with little to no issue. Try using an oil-based product, or a cooking oil such as coconut oil, and work it in and around the area, being careful to gently brush through your hair with a comb or your fingers. Be patient as you do not want to rip, break, or damage your hair.

Some home remedies to remove wax from your hair

For more extreme examples of hot wax being introduced to hair it shouldn't have been, consider following these home remedies for best results. 

Oil based solution such as olive oil should do the trick

As mentioned before, oil based products are going to be your best bet at combating the tough grip that wax has on your hair. Whether it’s olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, body oil, or baby oil, you can apply the product around the wax, working it in as best as you can, and allowing it to sit for at least a few minutes before working out the product. These oils help to separate wax from whatever it’s adhered to.  

A cold compress will make getting wax out of your hair easier

In addition to oil, a cold compress could make the waxy compound increasingly fragile. Whe hot wax has solidified, and then cooled, it can make the wax brittle and, therefore, easier to remove. 

Run hot water through the area of your hair that has wax on it

If most of the wax has been removed through chipping away at the bulk of the mess, consider applying a warm compress or a warm towel over the remaining residue. Applying heat and warming the wax before introducing it to a paper towel will wick the wax from the strands of your wet hair and onto the cloth itself.

Use a hair dryer and paper towel to absorb the wax

If no other methods work, you can wrap the affected hair in a paper towel, and heat it with a hair dryer. As the wax melts, it should be absorbed by the hair dryer! This is only recommended for longer hair, as the prolonged heat from a dryer on your skin can be dangerous.

Shampoo and conditioner is a good last option

Finally, as another option for smaller patches of residue, you can use shampoo and conditioner to lather and clean your way out of the sticky grip hot wax has on your hair. Warm water plus your usual shampoo should make a quick job out of any remaining wax. 

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