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Eyebrow Waxing For The First Time? What to Know

From enhancing facial features to providing a more symmetrical appearance, eyebrow waxing has become a go-to choice for those seeking a long-lasting solution for eyebrow maintenance.

Framing your face is the strong, striking feature known as eyebrows. With their shape, body, and length, upkeep can be difficult! 

Eyebrow waxing is a popular method for achieving well-defined and polished brows. With its ability to create precise shapes and clean lines, eyebrow waxing offers individuals a quick and efficient solution for shaping their brows according to their desired aesthetic. From enhancing facial features to providing a more symmetrical appearance, eyebrow waxing has become a go-to choice for those seeking a long-lasting solution for eyebrow maintenance.

Common questions about eyebrow waxing

If you’ve never been waxed before, you likely have questions! Going into your first appointment prepared allowed for a smoother, better experience. 

What is eyebrow waxing?

Waxing utilizes either hard wax or soft wax to remove hair growth directly from the hair follicle. Eyebrow waxing typically uses hard wax, because it doesn’t adhere to skin and is better on delicate skin like your face. The warmed wax is applied to the skin, then sits for a few moments to bond with the unwanted body hair, before being swiftly removed in a quick, even motion.

How much does it cost to wax your eyebrows?

The biggest factor that influences the cost of eyebrow waxing is the cost of living in your area. As far as waxing goes, eyebrow waxing is one of the least expensive services. It is done quickly, and only covers a small area. For example, eyebrow waxing in Chicago at one studio costs $25. At another studio in Houston, a basic eyebrow wax costs $30, with customized add-ons increasing the price from there.

Should your eyebrows be professionally waxed?

Professionals are skillfully trained in the proper methods of removing hair, perfectly contouring brow shapes and cutting down the likelihood for ingrown hairs or infections. Eyebrows are a delicate area of your face, and trying to do it yourself at home can have disastrous results! You don’t want to risk having uneven, patchy brows for the next 4 weeks because you tried to wax yourself at home. At worst, you’ll burn your skin from overheating the wax before application.

Benefits of eyebrow waxing

Discovering the benefits of eyebrow waxing unveils a world of grooming possibilities. From achieving precise shapes to enjoying longer periods between maintenance, eyebrow waxing offers a range of advantages for those seeking well-defined and polished brows.

It is a much quicker process versus other hair removal methods

Threading and plucking are popular alternatives to brow waxing, but we believe that waxing is the superior option for most. Not only is waxing far less irritating on the eyebrows, it also takes less time to complete. Plucking and tweezing damages your hair follicles over time, and often causes breakage.

Waxing leaves a more clean look

We’ve all walked out into the sunlight after tweezing and, to our dismay, have noticed patches of missed hair. Waxing eliminates the possibility of missed hairs and uneven brows as the hair is removed with thorough precision. Estheticians map out the perfect shape to accentuate the natural beauty of your face.

Waxed eyebrows have long lasting results

Lastly, waxing is so convenient because it provides long lasting results. Gone are the days of plucking and trimming brows day in and day out. With eyebrow waxing, you can expect to have perfectly shaped brows for 3 to 4 weeks!  

The process of getting your eyebrows waxed

For those that may not be used to the waxing experience, knowing exactly what the session is like can help calm your nerves, and help you prepare for your experience!

Make sure to properly prepare for your eyebrow waxing session

With waxing, proper prep goes a long way. Avoid retinol, similar chemical exfoliants, and facial treatments for at least a week leading up to your session. However, it’s helpful to manually exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment to clear your skin of buildup, dirt, and debris.

What happens in an eyebrow waxing session

Specifics of the service vary depending on your esthetician and studio, but a typical appointment will follow these general steps!

  • Consultation: Your appointment will likely begin with a brief consultation with your esthetician. During this time, you can discuss your desired eyebrow shape, any concerns you may have, and any previous experiences with eyebrow waxing.

  • Cleansing: Before waxing, your esthetician will cleanse the eyebrow area to remove any makeup, oils, or debris. This step ensures that the wax adheres properly to the hair and skin, allowing for a more effective wax.

  • Application of wax: Next, your esthetician will apply a thin layer of warm wax to the eyebrow area using a disposable applicator or spatula. The wax is applied in the direction of hair growth, covering the unwanted hair completely.

  • Removal of wax: After allowing the wax to cool and adhere to the hair, your esthetician will quickly and firmly remove the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, pulling the hairs out from the root.

  • Tweezing (if necessary): After waxing, your esthetician may use tweezers to remove any stray hairs or fine hairs that were not removed during the waxing process. Tweezing allows for further refinement of the eyebrow shape and ensures a clean and polished look.

  • Soothing and aftercare: Finally, your esthetician will apply a soothing lotion or gel to the waxed area to calm the skin and reduce any redness or irritation. They may also provide you with aftercare instructions, such as avoiding sun exposure, applying moisturizer, and refraining from touching or rubbing the freshly waxed skin.

Follow an aftercare routine recommended by a professional

Your esthetician will provide you with helpful aftercare information! It will include things such as:

  • Avoid touching or rubbing the waxed area: After eyebrow waxing, it's essential to avoid touching or rubbing the freshly waxed skin to prevent irritation or infection. Touching the area can introduce bacteria and increase the risk of breakouts.

  • Avoid sun exposure: Protect the waxed area from sun exposure for at least 24 to 48 hours after waxing. Sun exposure can increase sensitivity and the risk of sunburn, as well as cause hyperpigmentation in the waxed area.

  • Avoid hot water: For the first 24 hours after eyebrow waxing, avoid hot water, such as hot showers, steam rooms, or saunas. Hot water can further irritate your recently sensitized skin.

  • Moisturize regularly: Keep the skin around your eyebrows well-hydrated by applying a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer twice daily. Moisturizing helps maintain the skin's barrier function and promotes healing.

  • Avoid makeup and harsh skincare products: Avoid applying makeup or using harsh skincare products, like exfoliants or acne treatments, on the waxed area for at least 24 hours after eyebrow waxing.

  • Avoid sweating: Refrain from engaging in activities that cause excessive sweating, such as strenuous exercise, for at least 24 hours after waxing. Sweat picks up bacteria and clogs your pores, leading to breakouts or ingrown hairs.

  • Don't pluck or trim: Resist the urge to pluck or trim your eyebrows between waxing appointments. Letting the hair grow out allows for better shaping and more effective waxing results during your next appointment.

  • Schedule regular maintenance: To maintain your eyebrow shape and keep your brows looking their best, schedule regular eyebrow waxing appointments every 4 to 6 weeks or as recommended by your esthetician.

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